We're a full-service bike shop with a convenient central location.  We also ship bikes nationwide.

austin bike shop

Address: 2815 Fruth, Austin TX 78705
Phone: (512) 47-CYCLE!
(472-9253) | Email us
Hours: Hours-Mon-Sat 10-6, Thurs 10-8 , Sun noon-5

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3rd Thursday festivities, special sales, etc. (Max 2 messages per month.)

Here are some examples of the many bikes we carry.

Click the bike for a bigger picture.

SE 2014 SE Racing Draft, $325
SALE: $249 !

Fuji Nevada 5.0, $425
SALE: $329!

We carry a complete line of accessories.

Bike to School Sale

  • 2014 SE Racing Draft reg $325 sale $249
  • 2014 SE Racing Tripel reg $375 sale $329
  • Fuji Nevada 5.0 reg $425 sale $329
  • 2013 SE Lager reg $450 sale $369
  • 2012 SE Lager reg $650 sale $399
  • 2013 Fuji Feather reg $750 sale $479
  • many one of a kind specials, such as  

  • 2009 Fuji Newest  2.0 XS reg $900 sale $699
  • 2009 Fuji Declaration 49cm reg $650 sale $479
  • 2011 Fuji Nevada 2.0  17" reg $650 sale $469
  • 2012 SE Racing Draft reg $325 sale $229 Blue 43cm
  • 2014 Fuji Declaration 54cmreg $650 sale $429
  • 2009 Fuji Absolute DX 23" reg $750 sale $599
  • 2011 Fuji Absolute 2.0 19" reg $895 sale $649
  • 2011 Fuji Absolute 3.0 15" reg $595 sale $449
  • 2011 SE Premium Brew 58cm reg $1200 sale $899
  • Planet Bike SuperFlash Tail Light reg $32.99 sale $19.99 with bike purchase
          ($24.99 without bike purchase)
  • Airius V10 Helmet reg $49.99 sale $31.99 with bike purchase
          ($37.99 without bike purchase)
  • Sunlite ATB flat-key U-lock  reg $35.99 sale $24.99 with bike purchase
          ($29.99 without bike purchase)
  • Get the printer-friendly coupon.

    Must have coupon, must be present for special price. Limited to stock on hand or prepaid orders. One coupon per person. No layaways. Batteries not included. Coupon is not a toy. Do not put face in spokes while bike is moving. Coupon valid through 01.31.15

    2815 Fruth, Austin TX 78705   (512) 47-CYCLE!
    Hours-Mon-Sat 10-6, Thurs 10-8 , Sun noon-5

     We offer....
    • A full range of components & accessories, including technical & casual clothing, commuting gear, off-road toys
    • Complete repair service, whether you bought your bike here or not
    • Information on rides, races, access isues, and political action.
    • Free movies at our Bike-In Theatre

    Used Bikes We ship bikes to the 48 states for $60.
    Just click to order.

    ATB/Mountain Bikes

    $349  Fuji Sagres 3.0 20
    $449  Kona Sex One 20
    $899  Kona Explosif 18"

    Road Bikes

    $699  SE Racing PK Ripper DC 51cm
    $699  Specialized TriCross 56cm

    Road Bikes

    $899  Fuji Newest 1.0 XL

    Clearance Bikes

    $899  Kona Mano Mano 14"
    Inventory as of January 11th, 2015. All bikes subject to prior sale,
    limited to stock on hand, not responsible for typographical errors,
    prices may change without notice, batteries not included.

     We believe....
    "Everybody needs to believe in something, I believe I'll have another drink."

    You can ride your bike just about anywhere you can take your car and have a much more interesting time at it.

    If everyone rode their bike at least once a week, the world would be a much happier place. Once or more a day and it would be ecstatic.

    They should bring back public hangings for bike thieves.

    Without coffee, life would be much harder. Especially the morning part.

    Not only do helmets look good, they can keep your brain in one piece if worn properly.

    If you take care of your bike, your bike will take care of you.


    Riding your bike is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

    In treating EVERY customer with respect.

    In free air. Don't let the big men take that away from you.

    That honest and sincere encouragement is always appreciated.

    Proper lubrication makes things go much smoother.

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